About Us

The Label Me Myaj "Brand"

Label Me Myaj is a brand that curates collections consisting of nude and neutral clothing items. Our brand focuses on women who display confidence and that don't allow society to label them. Ones that wear whatever suits their personality/style and are unapologetic about it. We know our Label Babes like to be comfy, cute, and to also wear things that accentuate their curves. So we made sure to keep this in mind when choosing our items.

Creator of Label Me Myaj

Mya Harris is the creator of Label Me Myaj. She is a 28yr old woman from Chicago and has always had a desire to be apart of the fashion industry. She taught herself how to sew in 2012 and started to create clothing items for her son and her self as a hobby. She also attended a few basic sewing courses and taught herself how to create fashion sketches. Due to her focus on parenting and continuing education, she placed sewing on hold for a few years. She recently obtained her Masters in MIS and Management from DePaul University in June of 2020, and at that time she knew she needed to get back to what she loved the most. She decided that being a Client Specialist wasn't what she wanted after graduating; she knew she wanted to explore entrepreneurship. She decided to take a leap of faith and enter back into the fashion industry, and started her ownonline boutique.

She came up with the name Myaj (My-aj) by combining her son's nickname, AJ, and also her name. She felt that her son has played a huge part in her professional career and wanted to start a business that was named after the both of them.